Friday, February 20, 2009

Kid Rock for Commerce Secretary

Kid Rock is getting a $700,000 stimulus check for his brewery from Michigan's Economic Growth Authority, and will create 400 jobs.  That's $1750 in tax credits per job created.  Since the Trillion Dollar Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Snowe-Collins-Specter national spending program is conservatively estimated to cost $225,000 per job created (~$170,000 in government spending, ~$55,000 in tax cuts and credits), it seems obvious to me that Kid Rock has much better economic sense than anyone that had input into the bill.  So President Obama should use his expertise, appoint him as Secretary of Commerce, and let him manage the spending bill.  If he has similar results, he might be able to offset all damage done by TurboTax Timmy at the Treasury.

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