Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The United States House of Lords are Traitors

Not two days after the House of Representatives made the boldest stand for the regular guy in decades, the United States Senate voted 74-25 to spend $700 Billion more wealth created by regular middle-class guys and gals buying up horrible investments made by the biggest banks in America. After having told Pitchfork and Musket Junta member Will that the bailout bill has been opposed by a 200-to-1 margin by his constituents, John Cornyn voted for it. Apparently the Senate no longer believes that they are responsible to the American people, and vote based on the assumption that have a lifetime appointment. They have become the House of Lords. They either think that they and the bankers that have been testifying to them all week are smarter than us and that they know better than the entire country what is good for entire country, or they don't care what's good for entire country.

I had a viscerally angry reaction when, after the bill passed, Chris Dodd said that he thought the bipartisanship was in the mold of our founders. A little education for you Mr. Dodd: When Alexander Hamilton set up a National Bank, the last thing James Madison did was show bipartisanship. But then, politicians believed they had an obligation to protect the Republic from the monied interests in New York. And to be fair, the First Bank wasn't supported by taxpayers, although it did have a competitive advantage. Our founders rightfully acknowledged that whenever there's agreement in government, it's only to grow their own power at the expense of the freedom of citizens.

All of the likely suspects voted for this bill (except for Socialist Bernie Sanders), but scarily, so did some of the ones that Conservatives have come to believe that they can count on. Bob Corker, John Sununu, and Tom Coburn all voted for the bill, with promises that it doesn't signal the end of their conservatism. After January, it might not matter much. Angering conservatives (and most of everyone else) in an election year where the Republican brand is already damaged doesn't bode well for preventing a Democrat supermajority.

We've got one chance left to save the American people from this bill. The House will vote on the bill once more on Friday. The House leadership is going to be threatening committee assignments and chairmanships. We must continue to flood our Representatives with phone calls and emails, and tell them that the smart stand is with their constituents and against their leadership. If you have a few bucks, donate to one of the brave Congressmen's reelection campaign today. And pray. We're going to need some help.

God Save the Republic!

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