Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin, Obama, and the French Revolution

I've heard a disturbing saying a lot recently from my poor, misled Democratic friends: "I want my President to be elite, to be smarter than me." To be fair, I hope that our President is smarter than them, too, but that's not what they mean. The implication is that because Sarah Palin went to the University of Idaho, majored in journalism, comes from a small town in Alaska, and hasn't yet made any decisions about foreign policy, she's less qualified to be President than someone who went to Harvard or Yale, has been in Washington for years, and has made hundreds of bad decisions about foreign policy. It's a dangerous sentiment.

A huge part of the reason that the First Republic failed in France was because after tearing down the monarchy, the proletariat supported the sans-coulottes, who were the members of the bourgeoisie that promised the most to the proletariat, and they were elected to the Directory. As could have been predicted, the new bourgeoisie leaders promoted the bourgeoisie above other classes, just as the aristocracy before them had done for the aristocracy, and the proletariat was no better off. Had the French followed the example of the Americans and allowed most classes to be involved in government, the compromise of leaving each other alone would have been seen as viable, and it is possible that a republic would have worked.

Right now, we have three members of the American bourgeoisie running for President and Vice President: two long-time Senators, and one young Senator who has been brought along by those of the political establishment. Sarah Palin is different. She is a member of the proletariat who cared enough about her children to run for City Council to give them a better town. When she didn't have enough impact, she ran for mayor where she could do more. Then after she accepted a state appointment and saw how corrupt her state government was, she ran for governor to revolutionize it and make it work better and more honestly for all the citizens including the proletariat. And she's been incredibly popular, because she has done exactly what she promised to do.

In a rare trust in a member of the proletariat by a member of the bourgeoisie, John McCain chose Governor Palin to be his second-in-command. It is an opportunity that rarely occurs without revolution. We have been told by our leaders over and over again that we should trust them, and that they know best how to take care of us. Over and over again that when given the choice, they will tax the proletariat to pay for the excesses of the nobility and bourgeoisie. Hopefully, if we can elect a member of the proletariat to the executive, the bourgeoisie and nobility will start to let the proletariat decide some things for themselves.


AZMike said...

I need more of your posts so I can find out who you are but so far you have been the only person breathing life into politics for me.

I am guilty of not following most of the politics period, I vote conservatively. Although I believe it is dangerous because of "Republican's in name only" like Arlen Specter. I don't watch much tv or listen to radio. I am into marketing and personal improvement.(What am I doing filling in an app at eHarmony?)

Without intending to upset you there are two thoughts about the whole proletariat you mentioned in your article, 1. Dumb the article down so us "Homer-types" know what you mean. 2. When you mentioned a "proletariat" getting into office and being allowed to do their thing, unlikely the socialist clime will allow "freedom to grow, build or mold". They will have to do like President Reagan and "take it to the people", blackmail and Hammer whatever is morally right(the square peg) back into the mush filled brains of the liberal elite(round hole).

Keep up the great work and I want you to consider your own "offices' of election" for your future.


P.S. I am following you over on twitter.

Wesley said...


Thanks for the kind words. I am truly humbled. I have neither the talents nor the willingness to be elected, so I will keep writing my musings here on the internet and continue campaigning for local candidates that I am inspired by.

The blog post was my attempt to steal the communists' terminology and apply it to a non-collectivist. I have no doubt that if Sarah Palin or any other similar outsider were to somehow find herself President, she would have to fight significant opposition from the establishment on both sides of the aisle, much as she has had to do in Alaska. Only her incredible popularity has given her the leverage to get things done despite significant hatred from both parties in the legislature. And you are absolutely right, if she became President, she would have to bypass all of the traditional channels, and talk directly to the people, and pray that the people welcomed her enough to support her. Otherwise, the establishment would try to bully her into "not getting out of line".

KJ said...

Wesley, You are way too smart for me. Can you please "dumb it down" a little bit, and make your posts only about ten lines long? Cut me some slack. I'm from Idaho!

Wesley said...


It's okay now. With Obama as President, Idahoans are all going to be magically smarter.