Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Huge Win for Freedom

No, not Scott Brown. That remains to be seen.

The biggest win for freedom this week came today. Today, the Supreme Court ruled as the 1st Amendment is written, and overturned the part of the Incumbent Protection Act, known more commonly as McCain-Feingold, that said that only corporations that could spend money on media time to support a national candidate or issue were media corporations. The Supreme Court reversed precedent from the Progressive Era and said that 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech includes political speech by corporations. This ruling still has a major gap. Individual contributions are still limited to $2400 per year per candidate. Hopefully, this will be cleared up soon. If I want to mortgage my house and donate all of that money to Bill Richardson in hopes that he releases Roswell Files, I should be able to do that, and the First Amendment gives me that right. That right was extended to corporations by Dartmouth College v. Woodward in 1874, but it's been afforded to individuals since the 1st Amendment was ratified.

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