Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranian Revolution: The Neoconservative Legacy

During the secondary justification of the Iraqi Invasion, after it had become increasingly clear that the WMD excuse was a farce, the neoconservatives began saying that by freeing the Iraqi people, they would put the spark of democracy in their neighbors. Now with incredible, brave resistance to their government by Iranians, I am sure some will claim that the Iranian people were inspired by a freed and newly stabilized Iraqis. There's probably some truth to this. But even if the young, brave Iranian revolutionaries succeed and establish a more liberal democracy, and the fledgling Iraqi pseudo-democratic government stabilizes and becomes more free, the neoconservative model should not be considered accurate. The fact remains that the best way to spread freedom remains the Washington/Jefferson model- "Act for ourselves and not for others," and "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations -- entangling alliances with none." Spreading democracy at the point of a gun is poor strategy and wasteful of valuable lives and treasure. Allowing trade and communication between Americans and oppressed peoples is still the best way to spread freedom, even if other strategies work at times.

Still, no matter the official position of our government, we as relatively free Americans should offer our support and our prayers

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I should wager they may be demonstrating for democracy but at the root of it is the prosperity of Iran. If everyone was fully employed the would be busy; Else: 1what we have now!