Tuesday, November 11, 2008

John Sununu for RNC Chairman

The biggest talk on conservative news and in the conservative blogosphere is who will be the next RNC chairman. The chairmanship seemed to be Newt Gingrich's to lose until he decided not to run. All of the current talk seems to be centered around former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele. He seems to meet all of the requirements: smart, well-spoken, from outside the South, and not a white protestant. He is very well-liked, performed well as Lieutenant Governor, and worked well with politicians on both sides. He presents a good face for the party. He represents the best of the "beltway" Republicans. He would do a decent job.

But I think that the RNC has a lot better choice available. Normally, being called the smartest Senator is faint praise, but for John Sununu, it's well-deserved. John Sununu is an engineer with degrees from MIT and Harvard, and considered by all who have worked with him to be a genius. He is also a consistent conservative record and has been brave enough to take dangerous stands. He went against his party and filibustered the PATRIOT Act, and he even touched the third rail of American politics by suggesting that we totally overhaul our Department of Agriculture and eliminate most farming subsidies. It is a shame that New Hampshire removed him for DNC candidate Shaheen, but New Hampshire's loss might be America's gain.

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