Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Great New York Money Grab

While cleaning up from Hurricane Ike and trying to put their lives back together, Texans got looted worse than any looting in the history of the world. In one short week, with the help of Congress, the President, and the Secretary of the Treasury, a few Wall Street bankers made off with 700 Billion Dollars of money made by hard-working people in Houston, Beaumont, Galveston, Port Arthur, Texas City, Pasadena, and Baytown (and Detroit, Cleveland, and other producing cities). That's $2500 for every American man, woman, and child living outside the 5 Boroughs, and over $6000 per non-New York taxpayer. It was an Western train robbery of which Jesse James could have only dreamed. It's a travesty. The South and West, and especially Texas has held up the national economy for a decade now, by holding taxes relatively low, attracting major investment manufacturing companies like Toyota, Honda, Shell, and GE. Texas has led the way in keeping manufacturing jobs in the US, keeping the existing energy infrastructure sound, and building the new energy sources. And what thanks does Texas get? When the chickens from the bad eggs laid in Washington and New York come home to roost, Texans get robbed to pay the farmer.

Never in the history of this country has State sovereignty been so important. We couldn't afford the Federal government before we had to bail out banks, we certainly won't be able to afford it now. The salvation of this country will not come from Washington. It has to come from the States. It's time for us to demand that Austin quit sending bad money after bad to Washington and New York, and declare the sovereignty of it's citizens. We can't afford to support our own citizens and New York bankers' mistresses, too.

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